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Family Crisis Services, Inc. is dedicated to promoting safety and justice for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault through advocacy, support, and education.

Our mission

Domestic violence and sexual assault are all about the power and control of one person over another. The aftermath of these experiences can be devastating, confusing and overwhelming for the survivor and their loved ones. The trauma of these experiences impact survivors on a daily basis.


The staff at Family Crisis Services, Inc. are available to support victims of sexual assault and domestic violence throughout the healing process, regardless of if the crime is reported to law enforcement. There is no timeline for healing and we will assist survivors regardless of if their experience with these crimes occurred yesterday or years ago.


In addition, we understand that these crimes do not just impact the victim, but also their loved ones and supporters.


If you or someone you know has experienced domestic violence or sexual assault, contact us to speak to an advocate about the services and local resources we have to offer. 

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