Effects on Children


Although battered mothers frequently try to shield their children from exposure to domestic violence, 80-90% of children from abusive homes are able to give detailed descriptions of the violence.

Children can be exposed to domestic violence in a variety of ways. They can hear their mother's screams or crying, the batterer's threats, or glass breaking. They may see the aftermath of abuse in the form of torn clothes, or inflicted injuries.


Children raised in violent homes learn many lessons. They learn how to keep family secrets. They learn how to get what they want through aggression & manipulation. They can learn that violence, though painful, is an acceptable part of life. 


Regardless of their age, children living with domestic violence tend to have a strong sense of isolation and helplessness. Their initial method of solving problems is by hitting. They also suffer from an extremely high level of anxiety and are 6 times more likely to complete suicide. 


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