Family Crisis Services, Inc participates in City Market’s Electronic Fundraising Program! When you use your City Market Value Card, Family Crisis Services, Inc receives a donation from City Market based on the total purchases made with your card every quarter. We hope you will take advantage of this convenient way to contribute to Family Crisis Services, Inc year-round.  Best of all, participation in this program doesn’t cost you a dime!


Enrolling your City Market value card in the City Market CARES program through Family Crisis Services, Inc is a great way to help our agency at no cost to you!

Family Crisis Services, Inc will earn a percentage of City Market’s budgeted $100,000 quarterly donation to the CARES program.  Family Crisis Services, Inc earns credits based on your merchandise purchases at City Market. Fuel purchases at City Market and Loaf n Jug stores are included in our agency’s total credits!


If you don’t have a Value Card, you can sign up for one at any City Market. Then you can provide the information to Family Crisis Services, Inc and begin participating. (You must use your Value Card at least once before it becomes associated with Family Crisis Services, Inc). If you are in City Market but don’t have your card, give the checker your phone number. This will ensure Family Crisis Services, Inc still receives credit for purchases made with your card. If you are already supporting another organization with your Value Card, you can easily switch. Simply provide your information to Family Crisis Services, Inc, and City Market Cares will make the change. If you lose or replace your Value Card, you must report the new card number to Family Crisis Services, Inc to continue your support. Donations made through the City Market Cares Electronic Fundraising Program are not tax deductible.If you decide later to give your card number in support of a different non-profit organization, the change in beneficiary will go into effect at the beginning of the next calendar quarter. If you would like Family Crisis Services, Inc to take your card off our donor list, simply notify Family Crisis Services, Inc.


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